One of the most popular styles of massage, Swedish massage involves long and gentle sliding strokes, kneading and tapping movements which can ease tension and increase the mobility of joints. It also increases blood circulation and promotes general relaxation.

60 minutes … $90

90 minutes … $120


    By working on deeper layers of muscle, Deep Tissue massage can ease tight muscles, helping with chronic muscular pain, rehabilitation of injuries, and inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis.  This treatment is also combined with some trigger point therapy.  

 60 minutes … $105

90 minutes … $140



    Focuses on the top part of your body, which includes head, face, neck, and shoulder and chest area.  Craniosacral, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques help ease tension on your neck and chest muscles. This also encourages lymph fluid circulation, which facilitates the removal of toxins from the body. Facial massage will help strengthen facial muscles, which helps prevent wrinkles and creates a youthful appearance.                                                                                                               

60 minutes … $100

100 minutes …$150


   Focuses on the lower half of your body, which includes abdominal muscles, hips, legs, and feet.  Myofascial Release techniques, Visceral Manipulation and Deep Tissue techniques will help free the fascia in each area and ease tension and discomfort. Reflexology will make you feel like you have brand new feet.

60 minutes … $100

100 minutes … $150


   Tired of dealing with your back pain? This series provides information about the anatomy of back pain, along with customized deep tissue treatments to address your specific needs. Each session also includes stretching and exercise techniques to relearn how to use your body correctly, so that you can prevent future back pain episodes. 

Set of three 90 minute sessions



   The union of the unique healing modality. Sound is added to gentle relaxing Swedish massage to let you body and mind to submerge into deeper relaxation. Feel the vibration and listen to the simple, yet powerful sounds of the Gong, Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls while you are receiving a massage on the table.

75 min … $150



   Compressive Deep Tissue massage incorporates the foot as a tool by applying steady, solid pressure while you lie on a futon and pillows. The therapist uses foot pressure to lessen pain and improve health in muscle and fascia. No need to disrobe for this treatment.                                                  

60 minutes … $100

90 minutes … $140


   This is not a facial but a massage for your facial muscles which aid reduces the fine lines and wrinkles. It helps detoxification and encourages collagen production for better complexion. Include a great neck, shoulder massage and conclude with relaxing scalp massage.

60 minutes … $100

90 minutes (Combo with whole body)




   The Sharman used to perform this massage to heal people in old days in Hawaii. The Temple style Lomi Lomi uses warm oil on the table and minimum coverage on the body which allow the therapist to give long sliding strokes. It is a different kind of massage experience!!

75minutes … $140


   Using gentle and firm pressure, this technique relieves abdominal restrictions related to adhesions, and improves digestion.  Visceral Manipulation often enables emotional release, which is good for the physical and emotional health. 

60 minutes….. $95



   This non-invasive technique encourages the healing process and is believed to regulate the central nervous system to help it function optimally. Craniosacral therapy will help you to reach deep relaxation and to reconnect with yourself.    


60 minutes … $95


If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 24 hours before to avoid a cancellation fee.

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