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Our Team

Asura with her singing bowls and gongs

Asura (Proprietor)

Asura was born in the beautiful countryside of Japan.

She was a tomboy who loved climbing trees, picking flowers on the way home from school and had great love for art, music and nature.


Her yearning for widening her experience of the world led her to move to the US where she studied child development, psychology and philosophy in college.


After 9 years of a career as an early childhood educator, working for programs such as Head Start and UCSB Child Care Center, Asura re-discovered the wonder and beauty of the world through seeing it with the fresh perspective of children. 


She started another journey as a bodyworker back in 2003 and has been helping thousands of people by applying different modalities which she had developed over the years.

Asura was sure that bodywork was her vocation in life until she discovered the great therapeutic power of sound in 2013.

She found a crystal singing bowl at a client's house and the sound of the bowl left her with a very strong impression which became her true life’s calling.


However, she felt that she needed to obtain a higher spiritual maturity to understand this majestic instrument and its vibrant energy. 

She started to devote herself to learning and mastering the skills of how best to utilize sound and vibration to improve peoples’ lives through self-study, schooling, workshops and retreats.

Asura quickly identified her own style of holding sound sessions and she started by volunteering at a local school, a hospice, a nursing home and a rehabilitation facility.

She provided her services at a Breast Cancer Resource Center, an Adult Group home, a Private school, Yoga studios 

Asura’s intention is to apply all her skills to support peoples’ ability to discover and enhance their true potentials and talents.


She is a certified sound practitioner from Sound Healing College and a meditation facilitator.

Wendy Brewer, MA


Drawing on my experience as an artist and my background in Spiritual Psychology, I value the creative process as a vehicle for transformation, and deeper connection with self and others.

I enjoy facilitating inspiring multi-media workshops that promote self-discovery and awareness through creative expression.

Some of my most meaningful experiences have been working in hospital based Healing Art programs, providing healing art opportunities to patients, their families, and hospital staff.

Whether I am creating art, or facilitating workshops, I receive immense joy and gratification engaged in creativity and contributing to the well-being of others. •

Wendy Brewer


Hina Kumar 

She is a somatic practitioner and the founder of Root Cause Healing Co., a wellness practice dedicated to empowering individuals to heal from within. With a passion for holistic healing, Hina embarked on a journey to explore the intersection of mind, body, and spirit. Inspired by her own experiences with trauma and chronic stress, she discovered the transformative power of somatic therapy and knew she had found her calling. Drawing from her toolkit of somatic modalities and deep understanding of the mind-body connection, Hina guides clients on their own journey of self-discovery and healing. 

For more information about her work:


Our team of yogis at Music of the Spheres is made up of compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to helping you discover your true potential. Their approach is holistic, ensuring that you receive the benefits of yoga on all levels - physical, mental, and spiritual.

Sheena Martinez


Yoga Styles: Baptiste Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

700 hr Registered Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

What is Baptiste Yoga?

Baptiste Yoga is an inspirational, transformational, and powerful yoga practice guiding students to connect their breath to their movements, and make powerful choices on and off the mat. Your instructor will hold space for each student to feel seen, offer generous hands-on assists, and teach to inspire and empower their students to get out of their comfort zone, play their edge, be spontaneous, and be at ease.  This is a journey into power.


Get to know Sheena:

I was born and raised in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  My childhood was spent on the beach, hiking in the mountains, on the fields playing soccer, and in the gym as a professional competitive gymnast. As a kid I dreamed of having pets of my own and now have three; two dogs named Shika and Uni, and a pet pigeon; her name is Gilbert. (but that's a story for another time)


 I am a self taught chef and can be found playing in the kitchen and bringing people together through good food and conversation.  I am passionate about creating a beautiful and functional home through interior design and styling.  I am an entrepreneur, the founder of Wabi Sabi Coaching, and Social Flock Community. I am committed to growth, personal development, and continuing to trust the process of allowing myself to be playful and present to what the Universe has in store for me next in this crazy journey called life.

Sheena Martinez
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