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Yoga Class Description

   All classes are 60 min. (1 hour) and All levels flow

(We prefer not to put people in a beginner's or advanced " box" of, or get stuck in a mindset of I can't do x, y ,z.  We want to empower people to think what's possible here and give them tools to support their practice moment to moment)


Foundation  Flow

Learn the foundations of a Vinyasa ~ flow ~ yoga practice. Built for all students, this class will address some of the common questions or thoughts you may have on the mat. Where do my feet go? What is sun salutation A vs B? How do I create drishti (gaze) in my practice??? What is the spiritual focus behind forward folds? How do I use props in my practice? etc.


This class will breakdown postural alignment, explore how to integrate your movements with breath (create "flow" vinyasa), how to transition and modify poses for your body and practice, and how to bring props into your practice for support. It will also explore mindset and mindfulness techniques, as well as yoga philosophy.


 Power Flow 

Powe Fow is an inspirational, transformational, and powerful yoga practice guiding students to connect their breath to their movements, and make powerful choices on and off the mat. Your instructor will hold space for you to feel seen, offer generous hands-on assists, and teach to inspire and empower you to get out of your comfort zone, play your edge, be spontaneous, and not take yourself too seriously. This is a journey into power.

Vin to Yin

This class will start with 20 min. of vinyasa( flow), linking your breath to your movements. Get into your "yang" energy, build some heat, move, energize, and get into your muscles. Then power down and cool off with some Yin poses for 40 min.  Come into stillness of mind, body, and spirit to recalibrate your energetic body through poses held passively with the generou support of yoga props.   This class is the perfect blend of effort and ease to power you up and power you down.




Yin Yoga

The intention of this practice is to cultivate a still mind and body.  Postures are held 2-7 minutes with the use of props to offer comfort and support for the duration of the pose. This is a restorative,  meditative,  and reflective practice that helps you cultivate inner peace.
With practice,  this class teaches you how to relax and sit with sensations, emotions, and feelings in your body.  This practice of coming into stillness and wholeness will allow you to go from sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight, stress & overwhelm) to accessing your  parasympathetic nervous system (safety, rest, and digest). 


Restorative Yoga 

Restorative yoga is targeted at purely creating DEEP relaxation for your mind, body, and nervous system.  The practice relies heavily on being supported by props with only passive movements or stretches. The support of the props signals to your mind and muscles that it's ok to release, let go, and  enter a deep state of relaxation.


 In restorative yoga the focus is on the release of mind-body tension, and bringing the nervous system into a state of healing.  Due to the deep supportive and nourishing nature of this practice, poses can be held passively, comfortably and sustainably anywhere from 8 -  20min. long. 

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