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Testimonials for Sound Journey

Rainbow in a gorgeous landscape

I had a private session with Asura.

    She provided a comfortable place to do vulnerable work.

    Her sound Healing session opened up my mind and heart. It allowed me to unwind and get perspective again.


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a sound healing session with Asura Serra. With her usual attention to everything that will provide comfort and ease, she prepared a space outside.

    I lay on the ground with the sounds of children playing in the canyon and birdsong in the background. Asura invited me to make myself comfortable and let my body relax toward the earth. She began creating a wonderful blend of soothing tones. 

    As I surrendered to the vibrations in my body as well as the sense of sun and a gentle breeze, I entered a state of deep relaxation. Asura’s joy in playing the singing bowls is infectious as she pours her heart into providing this opportunity to literally bathe in vibrations that resonate throughout the body.

    I highly recommend this experience to soothe the mind and the soul as you pursue your own journey of healing.

—E Roscoe

My Sisters and I felt so enriched and soothed by the wonderful experience we shared with you and your Singing bowls.  Having recently lost our beloved 91-year-old mother, we all found the experience to be spiritually balancing and grounding energetically, and vibrationally reassuring in an expression that words could not have expressed. We are very grateful for the sense of calm and well-being that your delightful sound play engendered, and that continues to resonate within us.

    At a recent family gathering, we again recalled the sense of peace and connectedness we share as a result of the lovely, healing experience we shared with you and your amazing bowls.

    Thank you!!!

    We are very grateful  to you for doing what you do with such sensitivity and devotion.

Best Wishes!


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