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Testimonials for Body Work

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Asura is the Michael Jordan of massage! Hands as gifted as her spirit. The transfer of good energy is beyond healing.

—J. D.

“I have been with Asura over five years. I never cease to be amazed at what a caring and loving person she is. This, together with an incredible talent for massage, really makes sessions with her something to look forward to. Everyone I have recommended her to says the same thing.  Thank you, Asura, for helping us to feel so good.”

—Jean K.

I was lucky enough to receive a  massage from Asura as a gift from a friend .. a friend who had been raving about her skills for a long time. This was truly a remarkable experience. I continue to be amazed and impressed by the depth of knowledge Asura brings to each individual massage. Depending on what I need at the time she will incorporate mayo fascial release, deep tissue, musculoskeletal manipulation and  an amazing release of chronic muscular tension and holding patterns.  Asura has so much in her mental tool box, and literally at her finger tips. She is one of the strongest people I know, with a keen intuition for the unique needs of every client. Her warm and sensitive heart surround you with a beautiful positive healing energy. A massage from Asura is no less than bliss.

—Nancy F


Asura is a gifted , dedicated massage therapist who really knows how to restore well-being of her clients and improve their quality of life.

—Michelle N.


Getting a massage from Asura is more than receiving a relaxing spa treatment.
Her strong hands, knowledge of the human body, and astute intuition, lends both to a healing and rejuvenating experience.
Anyone who's looking for an amazing massage, needs to book one with Asura!


Asura has been giving my wife and myself a massage every week for the past 12years.  She is not only extremely knowledgable on the human body but tailors each one of our massage to fit our bodies needs.    She is a pleasure to work with and very dependable and is a great person that we have reffered many of our friends over the years.

—Doug E.  

Asura is a highly skilled massage therapist. She is equipped with many techniques. Well versed in  anatomy, she can focus on areas of pain with extra attention. I always feel fantastic!



Asura is a gifted healer. Her touch is divine. Her fluidity combines both deep pressure and intuitive instinct. In my 20 years of receiving bodywork, her technique is truly sublime…


Both my husband and I have been getting massages from Asura since she started as a massage therapist 14 years ago. She is the best! She makes feel comfortable and accommodates each individual for their specific needs. We highly recommend her!

—Karen and Bruce

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