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Monthly Meditation with Sound

Due to the current pandemic, All group classes will resume once we are safe to do it in  indoor.
For Zoom Session, Please send me an email and will send an invitation for you to join the session via online!

Meditation with Sound under the Full Moon  
Monday, April 26th 2021

 Old Mission Park (Rose Garden)

$10-$15 suggested donation


Gentle Sound and Touch 

This is a sound session that has been created especially for those who are in need of gentle help due to experiencing a challenging time of life. Particularly healing and supportive for those going through grief (Sadness, Sorrow, Depression) or illnesses (Cancer, Auto Immune dysfunction, PTSD).
Join us to slow down with the gentle sound of singing bowls and light massage to help your body and mind to find ease and comfort.

3rd Sundays 9am to 10am

Limited to 4 adults  $30  RSVP req.

Gentle Sound and Touch for Prenatal

This class is designed for expectant mothers.

It provides gentle and slow sound and massage to help dissolve physical and emotional stress.  Participants can feel deeper connection to their developing babies by relaxing. They can be ready for welcoming new lives with full  nurturing and loving energy.

2nd Sunday 9am to 10am

Limited to 4 adults  $30 RSVP req.


Sound play and Meditation

Get close and personal with bowls in a small group setting (4 to 5 adults).
   We will explore different kind of sounds and learn the art of listening.
    You can play any bowls and gongs that you like in the first half part of the class. Enjoy the rest of the class, relax and receive Meditation with Sound provided by Asura.

4th Sunday 9am to 10:15am 

Limited to 6 adults   $25   RSVP req.

113 West Mission Street
Santa Barbara, Calif. 93101


Private Session

Start with consultation of your needs and decide which sound you are gravitated towards. I will incorporate breath work, toning, humming and guided meditation to take your body and mind to sink into a deep relaxation. 

    Gradually allow shifts and transformations to happen to your well-being.

60 min $120

Private Gong Session

Using a one gong to create deep and powerful transformation.

60min  $70

Private Group Session

(Retreat or Grief Meeting)

Group under 10 people 

60 min $200

Group over 10 people

60 min $270

Memorial Service

60min  $120

Corporate /Large group Event

Please contact Asura for pricing

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