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Service and Events

Effortlessly, Beautifully sink into a deep relaxation with my unique instruments. I have hand selected all my crystal  singing bowls which are infused with precious gemstones and minerals. They are not only beautiful and exotic in our eyes but they can create very high quality powerful sound and vibrations.

As for the Himalayan singing bowls and gongs, they are all hand hammered made by various skilled makers.

They all have the one of the kind sound and vibrations that can not be compared to other machine made mass produced instruments.

Sound Bath 101

September  17th, 6-7:45pm 

Sol Seek Yoga (25 De La Guerra)


Do you love sound bath?

Would you like to learn more about how and why sound and vibrations affect and help us feel well? We will talk about the science behind the power of sound and history of different instruments for the first part of the class.

Then you can relax into the sound of the alchemy crystal singing bowls, himalayan singing bowls, gongs, chimes and voice. 

Limited to 15 people $35 per person

RSVP req.

Meditation with Sound under the Full Moon  

 Old Mission Park (Rose Garden)

$10-$15 suggested donation

Any questions?


Private individual Session

Start with consultation of your needs and decide which sound you are gravitated towards. I will incorporate breath work, toning, humming and guided meditation to take your body and mind to sink into a deep relaxation. 

    Gradually allow shifts and transformations to happen to your well-being.

60 min  In person     $130

90min                          $160

60 min   Via Zoom    $100

Private Couple's Session

60 min In person     $230

90min                         $260

60 min Via zoom     $170

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Private Gong Session

Using a few gongs to create deep and powerful transformation. Breath work, affirmation and guided meditation are added enhance the process.

60min  $120

Private Group Session

( Party ,Retreat or Grief Meeting)

Group Small size ( 5-10 people) 

60 min   $35 per person

Group Large size (11-15 people)

60 min   $33 per person

Memorial Service

Creating soothing and comforting sound for the deceased and guests for the memorial service using beautiful crystal singing bowls.

60min  $120

Corporate /Large group Event

Please contact Asura for pricing

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